Quick Fix Branding

Quick Fix Branding


Quick Fix Branding specializes in locating the area (or areas) of struggle that are strangling your brand’s true success. 

You are doing everything right, but your brand seems to be going nowhere good. You have read all the articles, attended the events, invested in the high-end programs - and all you feel like you are left with is debt and no clear action to get your brand as well as bottom line moving in a profitable direction. 

Well, let’s start changing all of that in 21 days or less by unrooting the sabotage within your current brand, bring you clarity on how to fix and action-oriented steps for you to get there.

 With our Quick Fix Branding experience you can expect:

  • An in-depth Brand Breakdown Analysis showing you exactly what is going on and wrong with where your current brand is both front and back of “house.”

  • Work directly with Ali Craig on a 45-minute video call to discuss what is working, what hasn’t worked, where you want to go and how to take action. 

  • A custom Neuro Human Branding® Action Strategy designed for you by Ali and her team with weekly and daily steps for you to take over the next 21 days to get your brand going in the right direction.

  • Platform and vendor recommendations to help you achieve your brand logistics on budget.

  • 3 Month Maintenance Plan to keep your success going and keep building your brand, influence, community, and income. 

  • Access to Ali’s bi-monthly office hours so that you can continue to gain Ali’s insights as well as celebrate your success all along the way. 


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Quick Fix Branding