Media Magnet Training Program

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Your brand is on point. Your messaging is making bank. You have offers, opt-ins, and all that jazz. But none of that is projecting you onto the main stage of your industry as well as the true influencer you should be thought of.

What is missing? The media.

Maximizing your efforts and making your message desirable to the media is an art.

With our 90-minute live video Media Magnet Training Program, we will:

  • Define your media hit list and contacts that blend both business building leads as well as media pedigree hits

  • Email and DM templates to message media contents about time sensitive and media worthy topics

  • Review your existing work and offers to find media worthy topics and angles built into your work

  • Learn how to use press releases to begin to build your media pedigree list

  • How to design your social media offers in a way that the media recognizes that you are the expert for them

  • How to build relationships with media talent and producers within industry protocol

Or you and your team can join, Ali Craig, for a 3 hour in-depth live video training. You receive everything in the 90-minute training plus:

  • Develop a 90-day media calendar to support your launches and social media schedule while building your media cred

  • Craft 5 evergreen media pitches and train you how to tailor them to socially relevant events (these pitches are also great speaking topics too.)

  • Train you and your team, if applicable, how to spot out of the box story leads, discern what media outlets will most likely say “yes,” and how to follow up

  • Talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to hiring a PR team as well as what PR software can help get your foot into bigger media doors

How This Works:

Within one business day of checking out, our team will connect with you to schedule your session with Ali as well as gain all the details needed to make the most out of your time together.

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