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Uplevel The RFP Success® Company

4,167.00 every month for 6 months

Specialize in supporting 6 and 7 figure businesses by being your “in house” branding agency for the next six months.

You are busy scaling your business to that 7 or 8 figure marks. You don’t have time to personally worry about if your brand message or visuals match where your company is going. 

Proofing, double-checking, and approaching copy, content, offer esthetic, event material, and the nuances of the client experience sequence are something you care about but don’t have time to go through with a fine-tooth comb.

You need an industry expert who understands your brand’s vision, knows your heart, fully in your goals, and protects your brand’s reputation as fiercely as you do. 

You can expect:

  • Strategize and execute Lisa as the expert industry status for both her corporate company clients as well as the business expert.

  • Develop and execute support pieces that allows the sales team to succeed while keeping them on brand and in line, including but not limited to a sales and marketing system as well as marketing pieces online.

  • Create and design a brand guidebook as well as an offline, on and off-boarding process for staffers to empower both the employee and brand. 

  • Full day on-location brand photoshoots where we take care of everything from location scouting, personal wardrobe styling, professional hair, and makeup, props, and of course the perfect poses to capture the unique luxury message of your brand.

  • Work with Ali and her award-winning video team for up to two days as we capture and create brand videos that share your heart, attract your audience, as well as invite your target audience to say yes and stay loyal to you including but not limited to marketing content series, speakers video, 45-second teaser video per brand with a total of no more than 25 completed videos. Plus video shoot storyboarding and production.

  • Ali and her team will create an in-depth client experience and retention system for allowing you to consciously support your one on one clients while giving your sales team a defined tool to help support you in creating the perfect client relationship maximizing your connection, impact, transformation, and influence. 

  • Update all visuals to include the registered trademark symbols where needed. 

  • Design and strategize the perfect speaking and tradeshow event experience no matter when, where, or what part of your brand your audience meets. Including but not limited to tradeshow display design, in-person experiences, print collateral, etc. 

  • Ali and her team will update your Company, Institute sales site, and Lisa Rehurek websites to be the perfect on-brand websites, sales copy, and sales offer while bringing a refined visual and verbal message of your brand to that next level. 

  • You will have virtually instant access to Ali 24/7 for any brand question, celebration, or support you may need throughout our time together.

Lisa Rehurek Speaking One Sheet.png