Private Work

Brand Evolution

1,125.00 every month for 4 months
  • Levels Development and pdf downloadable

Support in creating the levels of your audience within their business development. Work to craft the names/titles as well as the overall name of your future community. Create a visually appealing and on brand one-sided, one-page pdf downloadable to be used as an online opt-in, as well as print material.

  • Website Evolution and Update

Update your Squarespace website to be more in line energetically with All Bright Collective utilize the language of the above-mentioned levels, combine material from The Cassandra Shepard speaking/ media website, and utilize the new photography and testimonials to the site.

  • Print Magazine Design and Layout

Outline article topics based on the levels for Cassandra to submit fully edited articles to be laid out into a print as well as a digital publication. Finished page range will be between 68-84. With 12 print copies supplied and the digital version of the magazine embedded onto the website.