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Private Client Services

High Level Branding and Growth Focused Social Media

4,999.00 every month for 5 months

Specializing in giving you expert advice and support while training you and your team to fully embody the luxury brand you are becoming. Plus finding, engaging and growing your entire audience. Here we focus on the basics that must be accomplished to grow and build an engaging, profitable, and long term relationship audience base.

For a brand to be a success, all areas must work in harmony. From the outside elements such as your website, visuals, verbals, and social media posts to the “behind the scene” elements of your brand relationship, offer, and client experiences - all of these 50,000 plus impressions you, your team, and your brand are making are either building your sought out reputation or showing that you are a sell out. 

That’s why with our high-level branding service, we partner alongside you and your team for an entire 6 months. 

We don’t just create a killer plan to maximize your budget and achieve your goals fast - we teach you and your team how to speak, write, and look like your brand 24/7/365. We empower you to fully own and be your luxury brand faster. 

 With our High-Level Branding experience you can expect:

  • An in-depth Brand Analysis or Startup Proofing Assessment where we deep dive into all areas of your brand both “front” and “back” house. Allowing us to see potential pitfalls, additional income opportunities, and ways to connect deeper with your target audience. 

  • Work directly with Ali Craig on a 45-minute video call to discuss what is working, what hasn’t worked, where you want to go and how to take action. 

  • Ali will create a holistic approach to scale your brand by utilizing Neuro Human Branding® noting specific biological programming, social stories, and subconscious triggers that are already influencing your target audience’s buying decisions.

  • You and your team will work with Ali to learn about your NERI® profile and maximize your innate work and relationship style to your brand’s relational advantage. 

  • No matter what your budget is, Ali and her team will craft the perfect use for it to maximize your investment of time and money.

  • A personal Copywriting Brainstorming Session with Ali to help perfect whatever areas of copy your brand needs such as your website, social media content, client experience stories, event program, speaking presentation, etc. 

  • 3 hours a month of brand chats and design review with Ali Craig

  • Support in finding the right service providers, manufacturers, and resources as needed from Ali’s personal Little Black Book of Branding Resources saving you time, money, and heartache by choosing the wrong vendor

  • Website Review (up to 3 times within our 6 months together)

  • Customized Brand. Market. Sales. Session where you and Ali will strategically build in areas to support and increase your brand’s influence, sales, and style both in person, online, and during events. 

With our Growth Focused Social Media Support Package experience you can expect:

  • Targeted engagement on the two most active social media platforms for your audience. 

  • We will create a custom 3 month prelaunch/ reengagement content strategy schedule focusing on introducing the brand, developing desired content for the audience to engage with, and position you as an expert the media wants.

  • Then once the audience is re-engaged, we will design a 3-month content strategy schedule focused around promoting sales, your community, and engaging with your brand online and offline. 

  • We will actively pursue growing your brand’s desirability with your buying audience as well as overall awareness of your brand with industry influencers and various traditional/non-traditional media outlets (i.e. tv, print, podcasts, vidcast series,etc.) 

  • My team and I will create original content both visually and verbally to be posted 3 times a day on both Instagram and Facebook 7 days a week. 

  • All content will be scheduled so that no content is duplicated on both platforms at the same time to increase follows on both accounts except when it comes to holidays, sales, promotions, or live videos.

  • Create a custom “stock photo gallery” of images in Google Drive that are on brand and can be used on any platform. This can include the use of the book’s illustrations, your own personal pictures, as well as filtered stock photography.

  • Actively engage as needed (on average 10 hours a week) with all 3 focus categories (audience, influencers, and media) on both platforms daily on your behalf by following, commenting, and engaging in true conversations as “Your Brand’s Team.” We will never act as you when engaging on your behalf. 

  • Respond and continue conversations to all Direct Messages on both platforms as needed. 

  • Design and update Instagram Bio and Facebook header graphics monthly to keep your accounts fresh as well as targeted to what is going on. 

  • Schedule all posts no less than 3 weeks out on both Instagram and Facebook via the online scheduling service Buffer.

This agreement does not include:

  • Adding content, embedding social media feeds as well as opt-in forms or posting on to the website.

  • Email marketing copy, template design, scheduling or engagement. 

  • Original video or photography content. 

  • Cohosting, interviewing, or brand ambassador support.

  • Instagram Story,  Facebook story, or IGTV content or posting.

  • Setting up and creating replies for website or social media autobot services. 

  • Creation, setup, or engagement of “shareable content” that are designed as email list builders or contests.

  • Creating or managing any contests or giveaways. 

  • Integrating any “shop from the platform” specific software outside of adding buy links in the appropriate sections of both social media platforms. 

  • The cost of purchasing non branded versions from the recommended online scheduling software (Buffer or other potentially needed serves like (

Black Label Luxe Branding (3).png