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Private Client Services

Black Label Luxe Branding and Influencer Agenda

15,800.00 every month for 10 months

Specialize in supporting 6 and 7 figure businesses by being your “in house” branding agency for an entire year. Plus positioning you as the sought after “go to” leader within your industry and to your audience at large all the while building your community, fans, and forms of income.

You are busy scaling your business to that 7 or 8 figure marks. You don’t have time to personally worry about if your brand message or visuals match where your company is going. 

Proofing, double checking, and approaching copy, content, offer esthetic, event material, and the nuances of the client experience sequence are something you care about but don’t have time to go through with a fine tooth comb.

You need an industry expert who understands your brand’s vision, knows your heart,   fully in your goals, and protects your brand’s reputation as fiercely as you do. 

That is exactly what our 12 month Black Label Luxe experience offers for successful founders who are focused on scaling their business to the next benchmark of financial success. 

 With our Black Label Luxe Branding experience you can expect:

  • Work with Ali in person (where she is) for an entire day to discuss what is working, what hasn’t worked, where you want to go and how to take action. 

  • Ali will create a holistic approach to scale your brand by utilizing Neuro Human Branding® noting specific biological programming, social stories, and subconscious triggers that are already influencing your target audience’s buying decisions.

  • Two on location brand photoshoots where we take care of everything from location scouting, personal wardrobe styling, professional hair and makeup, props, and of course the perfect poses to capture the unique luxury message of your brand.

  • Work with Ali and her award-winning video team for an entire day as we capture and create brand videos that share your heart, attract your audience, as well as invite your target audience to say yes and stay loyal to you.

  • Ali and her team will create an in-depth client experience for your overall brand or specific sales sequence to maximize connection, impact, transformation, and influence. 

  • Work with Ali or one of her favorite personal stylists to make sure that your wardrobe is on point for whatever media, speaking, or funding opportunity that comes your way.

  • You and your team will work with Ali to learn about your NERI® profile and maximize your innate work and relationship style to your brand’s relational advantage. 

  • Together with Ali and her team, you will create the perfect product or course design of your new or existing options. 

  • Design the perfect social media content and experience strategy to bring your brand and audience to the next level. Plus we will support your team as the implement, connect, and grow your connections. 

  • Ali and her team will design the perfect website, sales copy, and sales offer to bring the visuals and verbals of your brand to that next level. (Yes, we build your website for you.)

  • We are here for you when it comes to launching your new products, services, offers or events. 

  • The opportunity to work with Ali in person (where she is) for two full days. Have Ali come to guide your sales event, support you with a major speaking or industry opportunity, or work with your team to maximize everyone’s strengths, for example. These days are yours to use as you will.

  • Ongoing brand support for you and your team throughout the year. 

  • PR and Media support to help gain you national and international exposure while making sure your brand is always visually on point

  • We handle all those tech issues that tens to stop your team in their tracks. 

  • Plus you will have a high level of access to Ali and her team. Yes, you can think of her team as your own team. 

  • And as a Black Label Luxe Brand, you will have virtually instant access to Ali 24/7 for any brand question, celebration, or support you may need throughout the year. 

Plus with our Influencer Agenda experience you can expect:

  • Work with Ali in person (where she is at) for an entire Mapping Meeting where together you will design your unique Influencer strategy both personally and professionally. We will build a game plan to grow your brand, awareness to you as an expert, and build in the lifestyle details that matter most to you both online and offline. 

  • Because sales matter, you and your team along side Ali will build the ultimate Launch and Sales Strategy for the next 12 months. This way everyone knows what is to come on the creation, marketing, and scheduling sides. 

  • Ali and the team to create four distinctive content flows that highlight all that your brand does. This will allow us to create a custom social media schedule for 12 months that maximizes all known sales, events, and upcoming promotions within your brand.

  • Monthly Campaigns, Contests, and Launch planning and execution meetings with you and your team (up to 3 hours per month of execution, reviewing, and edits).

  • Four half day (where Ali is) social media brand photoshoots where we take care of everything from location scouting, personal wardrobe styling, professional hair and makeup, props, and of course the perfect poses to capture the unique luxury message of your brand, build your company’s private “photo stock gallery,” and create enviable social media content for the months ahead.

  • Monthly Content Chats where we capture your wisdom through engaging conversation with you talking about business, your industry, and all that you are up to.  

  • Work with Ali and her award-winning video team for 4 half days (where Ali is) as we capture and create original content for social media. This can be your own IGTV series, YouTube Series, etc. But whatever you and Ali decide is the best way to express your brand and engage your audience- know that Ali and her team have it covered from storyboarding each video to set location, production, and creating award worthy pieces in the end. 

  • Ali and her team will support your brand in creating new collaborations. From the initial outreach to designing the perfect “win-win” situation for both brand parties - we have you covered. 

  • With over 20 years of large scale national as well as international media hits under her belt, Ali Craig knows what the media wants. Ali will craft a special Media Hitlist designed to gain your brand recognition and influencer status. Then her team will begin to follow, engage, and build relationships with the media peeps that best serve your brand’s goals. 

  • Monthly Team Check-In meetings where we pause for an NYC minute and take inventory of what is working, what needs to be tweaked and look ahead at what is coming next. 


  • Ali’s team will create and design original social media and story content for the top 3 platforms of where your unique audience is at.

  • We will schedule, engage, and manage all posting and comments on your behalf as your team.

  • We will enable in platform shopping (if your website platform allows for this) and gear content to your online offers. 

  • We handle updating your website’s blog, social media embeds, contests, sign up forms, etc. (Squarespace, Wordpress, Wix, or Shopify platforms only.)

  • Ali’s team will set up and create replies for website or social media autobot services on the above web-based platforms IF it makes sense for your brand’s relationships. 

  • Plus we will set up, write, design, and schedule all email marketing campaigns. (Active campaign,  Squarespace Mail, or Mailchimp platforms only)

  • Ali’s team will take the ideas birthed from the monthly Campaigns, Contests, and Launch planning meetings and bring these ideas to life. From managing contests to setting up,promoting email building campaigns and other sharable deliverables - we handle the details.

  • Schedule all IGTV, Instagram and Facebook Stories for you. 

This experience does not include:

  • Cohosting, interviewing, or brand ambassador support.

  • Covering the costs of contests or giveaway items or needed software to manage larger projects. 

  • The cost of purchasing non branded versions from the recommended online scheduling software (Buffer  and Tailwind ( or other potentially needed serves like (

Black Label Luxe Branding (4).png