Ali Craig Brand Group

our approach

Our branding approach is one that works. It’s that plan and simple. We don’t look at your brand as a sole and separate entity. We understand the integral nature of your brand to your work, your life, and the lives of your audience.

We also get that in the end you are selling to a human being. So how they think, feel, are triggered, and create memories all effects your money.

This is why we employee such methods as Neuro Human Branding®, NERI®, and the 3 Impressions® methods to make sure your luxury brand isn’t just beautiful, but has brains.

our founder, ali craig

Unapologetically honest, Ali Craig, has helped hundereds of entrepeuners from around the world build thriving luxury brands. With a private client roster that ranges from C-Suite execs on Wall Street, to International Best Selling Authors, to “Moms and Pops” on Main Street- Craig’s holistic luxury approach creates radical growth, influence, and income for her elite clients.

  • Master Neuro Human Brander

  • Certified Strategic Interventionist

  • Certified HeartMath Coach

  • Master Impression Manager

  • Certified Relationship Specialist

When businesses realize that their brands are not essential to the lives of their audiences, but and true luxuries- everything shifts. The way the brand is spoken of, acts, and is appreciated by the audience as well as the staff begins to create a brand culture that is influential and sought after.
— Ali Craig