You want a business and brand that you and your audience adore. One where you and your team literally jump out of bed (separate beds that is.) And one your most perfect target audience is so excited to work with you, consume your content, tag your brand, and get their hands on your products FIRST.

You want a brand of notoriety.

Notoriety - yes, be sought after, sell out, a status symbol of a brand that you have secretly hoped for all these years is possible. All the while doing massive good, making a massive change, creating massively influential relationships, and producing massive financial results for you, your family, team, and community. 

It’s possible because for the last 21 years that is exactly what my team and I have done for countless brands from around the world who have gone from startup to six figures and six to seven figures in less than 12 months.

For this to happen 3 things must happen:

  1. Recognize and treat your brand as the luxury it truly is. Yes, you must rid yourself of the idea that your brand is essential to your audience. 

  2. Invest in yourself and the experience for all who interact with your brand. 

  3. Realize that every impression you, your staff, and your brand makes creates the brand relationship between you and your audience. And it is these impressions that can make your brand’s perception from being sought after to sell out in an instant.


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Ali Craig

Hi. I’m Ali Craig,

I am a Master Neuro Human Brander® who specializes in building successful and sought after luxury brands. 

What Does That Mean?

  • It means I make sure that you and your ideal target audience love your brand by using biology, psychology, and social stories that rule us all to your brand relationship’s advantage. 

  • It also means that I know that no one needs your product or service to survive the basics of life. Now, you may not realize how epic this is. But what this means is that your brand is a choice You choose. Your audiences choose you. Yes, gone are the days of  desperation selling say “hello” to invitation selling.

  • And it means that I build brands based creating positive, proactive, and profitable relationships built out of love, respect, appreciation, and adoration - not FEAR and manipulation

What To Expect?

  • Expect action. No matter how we work together there will be clear, concise, actionable steps designed to get you to the results you desire. 

  • Expect meltdowns. I know it doesn’t sound sexy, but it is true. Branding is a deeply personal experience. We may be upleveling your brand, but we are upleveling you too.  

  • Expect meaning. A business is a source of income. Your brand is a relationship that creates change, influences lives and brings financial wealth. 

  • Expect commonality. (BUT NOT HOW YOU THINK.) We focus on what you and your audience have in common, not what separates, divides, and creates desperation. Yes, we believe that love wins over fear - every time. 

  • Expect fun, truth, growth and a bit of swearing. However, we work together, my team and I have your back and your brand. We will be there for you to celebrate and to support as you and your brand grow, evolve, and accelerate to your goals. Because our elite branding clients achieve their 5-year goals in 2 years and their 2-year goals in under 6 months on average. And yes, that is very fun!